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By the morning, I was severely dehydrated and could barely stand. I called in sick, the first time ever in my life. The second night, I began to have diarrhea with old, digested blood in it. The next morning I awoke with my heart racing, unable to get up off the floor, realizing that this was the end of the run.

Sober Motivation: Sharing Sobriety Stories

sober success stories

Don describes feeling as though he has finally seen the light and he now feels strong in his recovery. In challenging times, Don turns to prayer and meditation to keep his emotions in check. By the time he was 26, he was completely hooked on crystal meth. Meth is one of the most addictive and powerful illegal drugs. Becki went through several treatment programs to overcome her addiction, but each time she became worse.

The Ultimate Guide to Sober Living: Tips, Resources, and Success Stories

  • I was angry, spiteful and resentful to my friends and peers, and sometimes strangers.
  • Rasco was working two jobs to feed his heroin habit when he finally found a path forward in 2018.
  • If I did manage to stop, my mind told me that I could drink like normal people.
  • Though we were married, I do not believe that we were ever really intimate.
  • Jules’ recovery has been as much about finding herself and living her truth but rather about reclaiming her life from alcoholism.
  • I go out dancing, I’m 100% me, I can literally do everything I did before except I just don’t drink.

She was eventually hired as a janitor at the treatment center where she first cleaned herself up. Having lost her home and children, Becki was living on the streets with winter rapidly approaching. Still gripped by her addiction, Becki’s primary concern was finding somewhere warm to stay. This prompted her to enter a residential treatment program.

The Jury Gave Hunter Biden the Tough Love Joe Biden Never Could

Each recovery journey is laden with lessons learned, strategies developed, and personal growth achieved. Sharing these insights can be invaluable education for others. I took a picture of myself in the mirror when I was 24 hours sober and I look like an absolute sack of dirt. I just took a picture so I would remember how I looked. I now take a selfie every time I get a sobriety coin.

I couldn’t understand why the good lord could take the greatest person I ever known away from me. My problem came to a head when my house was flooded and I had nowhere sober success stories to go but live in a house that had no water or electricity. By this time, I didn’t care about anything or anyone especially myself, I had pushed everyone away.

  • Justice Department special counsel David Weiss has pulled volumes of evidence of Biden’s drug use from both his memoir and his iCloud computer backup.
  • “We’re trying to buy a house right now. Something I never thought would be possible, something I never thought I deserved for the longest time,” Rasco said.
  • While in Valley Hope, I began to get some peace back, get back into a daily routine.

Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp

sober success stories

Creating a supportive community for sober living

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